Go to your MyJurny website/tour


Find your shopping cart button ORDER NOW


Scroll down on the cart to find Administration


Click Administration and enter the password emailed to you Welcome to MyJurny

Now you are in shopping cart setup for your business

ADD ITEM is to add new item to sell,   EDIT is to make changes, INSERT is to add a new item in that row bewteen other items.

You can see other settings for your shopping cart below these buttons.

What are important are these things on each item or service for sale

TYPE OF PRODUCT This creates a menu of your items for sale

ITEM NUMBER This is your stock number so you can track sales, inventory and deliveries

PRICE - Your retail price.  Don't use $ character in prices.

PRODUCT OR SERVICE DESCRIPTION - What do you call the item or service?

PICK LIST - Choices like, colors, options. E.g.; blue,red,green.    If they pay for each choice add "each" like "each,blue,red,yellow".

TAX RATE - 9.0 is 9% tax.  Don't put % character

MAX COUNT - If you have only 6 for sale then put 6 for this.  It will sell out.

PICTURE LINK - You can paste a link to a photo online.  Or, when you save the item there is a way to upload pictures.

ACTIVE YN - Y means it will show on menu.

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